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User data

You can provide user-data to your server to configure it after it has been created. This is useful if you want to install additional software or make automated configuration changes.

Supported formats

Currently, we support the following formats:

Please also take a look at the cloud-config examples.

Bash / PowerShell Note

If you decide to use bash or PowerShell to configure your server, please ensure that you provide the correct shebang on the first line. For bash this is #!/bin/bash and for Powershell this is #ps1 or #ps1_sysnative.

Example Linux cloud-config

This example runs an update and upgrade, changes the timezone on the server and installs git.

package_update: true
package_upgrade: true

timezone: US/Eastern

  - git

Example Windows cloud-config

This example changes the timezone on the server.


set_timezone: US/Eastern